Registration now open for 2019 Tree and Wreath Designers! Reserve your tree or wreath by submitting the Designer Registration:

Designer Guidelines


Inspire others with your artistic fashion by decorating a 3' – 8’ tree!  All trees supplied by Festival of Trees, courtesy of the Watauga Christmas Tree Growers Association. Set up will occur on Wednesday, December 4th at Chetola. Small (3’ trees) may be picked up and returned, or decorated on site. Large (6’–8’) trees will be decorated on site. Event runs Dec 5th-8th.

If you’d like to supply your own tree for a unique design opportunity, please let us know.

Available Space: Large trees will have a space approximately 6’ wide and 6’ deep. If your design includes many items that require more space, please communicate with FOT team and the setup team will try to reserve space. A coordinating floor cloth or rug placed under your tree will help define your design.

Choosing a theme:

  • Convey a cohesive theme with decorations, color, concept, and gift items for the tree or wreath and the surrounding area. Festival of Trees 2019 DESIGNER GUIDELINES

  • Let your Festival contact know your theme ideas as you develop them: we want to ensure there are a variety of themes.

  • Festival of Trees reserves the right to deem what is appropriate in theme development and any potential items under your tree.

  • Please understand that as an organization that works to educate youth on substance abuse prevention, we ask for no alcohol themed trees or for alcohol to make up any part of the design. (e.g., bottles of wine)

Ornaments, Tree Toppers & Lighting

Ornaments: Minimum of ten (10) ornaments per foot of tree height is recommended. 7’ tree = 70 ornaments.  Trees must be decorated on all sides.

Tree Toppers: Must be detachable for delivery purposes. Tree toppers add height and therefore may prohibit the tree from fitting into the truck without causing damage to the tree topper. It is helpful to leave the tree topper box with the tree so that it may be safely packed in the box for delivery. A tree skirt is required for all trees.

Lighting:  LED lighting only due to Chetola circuits – many options now available, including “warm lighting.” (please steer clear of older blue-ish lights unless that is intentional in your design)

  • Number of LED lights needed: at least 100 per foot (i.e., a 7’ tree will need 700 lights).

  • Be sure to use strings of lights that burn even if one of two lights burn out.

  • If lights go out during the event, it will be the Designer’s responsibility to either fix the lights or replace the string.

All decorations must be wired onto greenery, so that items will not fall off during delivery. Lighting, extension cords, multi-plug outlets, ornamentation, tree skirting and materials needed to create a finished product are to be the provided by the Designer. All of these items will remain and become property of the purchaser.

Suggested minimum values:

Festival of Trees is a fundraising event! The Festival Committee respectfully requests that small trees provide a minimum base value of $250 worth of gift cards or products; $500 worth of products or gift cards for large trees. These minimum values may include items such as lights, ornaments, tree skirts. In both cases, please consider this a suggested minimum; for example, a small tree could be valued at $750 or higher!


Wreaths are provided for you to decorate. Designs should be solid, easily fit a 30” door and have a secure “loop” from which to hang on a standard door wreath hanger. Designs should not weigh more than 20 lbs. Many wreaths have themes as well, and may include gift cards. Wreaths may also just be beautifully decorated for a special & stylish home accent piece.


All decorations on your designed items and all materials you choose to place on and around your tree/wreath are a donation to the Festival of Trees – benefitting Western Youth Network. Starting with the 2019 opening day, Festival of Trees has the right to sell, auction, or otherwise dispose of said item. Please keep record of all items used in decorating your item. List all tangible items used in the design, including item name and description, quantity used and purchase price. This will serve as your personal documentation of your donation for tax purposes and can be attached to a tax letter that will be mailed to you after the event from Western Youth Network.

The Festival of Trees, Western Youth Network, and locale of event assume no risk for the Designers, their property or property used.

Designers must bring their own construction materials and tools as needed for set-up and tear-down (e.g., brooms, step-ladders, scissors, glue, floral wire, wood, extension cords, tape, etc.